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Eater at Home

Eater at Home


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Make It Look Nice

With a few simple hacks — a gravy boat, chopped herbs, and a taper candle or two — your holiday celebration can look like a million bucks

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A Fesenjan Recipe for Yalda That’s Full of Light

‘Martha Stewart’s Christmas’ Was a Book, a Fantasia, and a Target

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The 16 Best Cookbooks of Fall 2023

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Putting It All on the Table

Arranging a table isn’t just about accessories — it’s about attitude. The way we approach both is changing.

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Use Your Dang Gravy Boat

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The Garnish Should Never Be Optional

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A Brief Guide to Buying Champagne

In the market for Champagne for whatever reason? Start with a bottle from one of these Champagne houses.

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Abundance Is Everything

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Go On, Put Oysters in Your Dressing

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How to Get a Golden-Brown Turkey Every Single Time

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This Holiday Season, Consider the Beef Wellington

Turn Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into a Silky, Chocolate Cake Glaze

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Persimmons

A Palestinian Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe That Preserves Tradition

How Snack Cakes Sold a New Generation on an Old Concept

Unfussy, delicious, and (usually) limited to one bowl, the snackable bake is history’s most approachable baking trend

Choosing the Right Salt Just Got More Complicated

A Tofu and Kimchi Recipe From a Legendary LA Koreatown Restaurant

‘The Breakfast Book’ Taught the Art of Waffles and ‘Honest Simplicity’

For Justine Snacks, AKA Justine Doiron, TikTok Leftovers Mean Dinner